May 2014 - Issue 157

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“Gareth Burnett”

Image:  Shane van Niekerk


Oliphants River Lodge


THE GRANT HEWITT CHRONICLES “Lightning, thunder, bass...”

The theory goes and I quote “As a storm system approaches, a low-pressure warm front rides up over the top of a high-pressure cold front ...” – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS CLASSROOM –“Autumn fishing”

Why should autumn be my favourite time of the year to go bassin’ you might ask? - Hendrik


SA BASS BASICS – “Bass Fever”

Bass fever is not a deadly disease but lack of treatment will have most anglers pulling their hair out. Any seasoned bass angler knows what I’m talking about because one the “bass fever” bug has bitten, ... - Hendrik


SA BASS BASICS– “Bass Fishing – An Intro”

Micropterus Salmoides, commonly known as largemouth bass, are widespread in Southern Africa. Micropteurs Dolomieu, commonly known as smallmouth bass, are also found in Southern Africa, but are not as widespread. – Richard Grant


SA BASS BASICS– “Finding largemouth bass in different weather conditions”

Perhaps the one thing that eludes us in our quest for bass is what really happens to bass during changes in weather conditions. – Philip Kotzé



Deesdae kan onderwys ‘n mens omtrent onderkry. Vir my is enige geleentheid om te kan ontsnap van die stad se gejaag soos manna uit die hemel. – Philip Kemp


SA BASS TACTICS – “Pre-fish? Does it really matter?”

It is a two edged question with a double-sided story! Right up front, let me say that pre-fishing over the many years in a tournament angler’s life will produce more success than depending on history, experience and hearsay from other anglers. - John Bulpitt


SA BASS STRATEGIES – “Autumn Feeding”

As we prepare for autumn, the second best time on our bassing calendar and the bass’s last opportunity to feed up before winter, I thought it would be helpful to look at what the bass are feeding on and how we can use this understanding to put more bass in the boat.– Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS BEGINSELS– “Sorteer Jou Sak”

Vele hengelaars het seker al een of ander tyd met dieselfde problem as ek gesit, naamlik: “Hoe om jou hengelgerei sinvol te organiseer?” – Hannes Lindeque


SA BASS UNIVERSITY– “Next Level of Spinner Baits”

This simple combination of a piece of wire, silicone skirt and hammered piece

of metal has been praised as the most versatile bait of all time. – Lourens Joubert


SA BASS CLASSROOM –“Topwaters for Fall Bass Fishing”

When we look back just a few years, we can see how fast the fishing scene has changed; faster than we would have like it to change. Just as we puzzled out where, when and what the bass are feeding on, it’s different and we must start all over again. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “The Late Fall Spinnerbait Bite”

The later fall months are the best time of year to throw spinnerbaits according to some of the top professional anglers. No other lure has won more tournaments in this season than the spinnerbait has. – Mark Bilbrey


SA BAARS– “Verpligte Hengel”

Daar word gesê... die enigste ding waarvan mens seker kan wees... is belastings en die dood. Die enigste konstante wat ons in die natuurlike lewe het, is “verandering”. –  Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS CLASSROOM “Weather Front Basics”

As a bass angler, by now you have surely heard anglers talking about frontal conditions. Pre frontal, frontal and post frontal are terms thrown around casually in articles and on TV shows, but how many anglers actually understand what frontal conditions are and how to deal with them? – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Why Does Bass Fishing Frustrate Anglers?”

Bass fishing is the most satisfying but also the most frustrating sport I have ever participated in. The reason for the frustration is that there are so many factors beyond your control standing between you and success. – Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS ROAD TRIP“The Witbank Supremacy”

After a run of two successful days at Loskop Dam, our next stop and final chapter of the SA Bass road trip was Witbank. I had left Loskop on a high after reaping the rewards of my gamble on swimbaits and looked forward to keep the momentum going on what was actually my final day in South Africa. – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS ADVERTORIAL– “Changing Seasons”

As winter gives way to crisp cool mornings, forcing even the bravest to wear Drimacs at the water’s edge, you hold that warm cup of coffee lovingly between your hands as you watch the sun’s rays break over the horizon, a little later than you remember. – N. van Heerden


SA BAARS FINANSIES – “Scams Wat Jou Geld Vreet”

Ek het nou net die foon neergesit en is “iewat” verdwaas oor die oproep. Die man met ‘n erge Oosterse aksent het so pas in baie duidelike terme my nou eintlik erg uitgeskel. – Gerrit du Toit






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