June 2014 - Issue 158

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“Shane van Niekerk”

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Reflections Guest Farm



And that is the truth… When I look back at the competency levels I possessed in my teen years versus the refined skill and talent of today’s teen anglers, I truly feel that I could have done with a bit more of a boost on my behalf – Grant Hewitt

CLASSROOM- “Excited about winter for a change”

As the autumn last minute feeding is replaced by full-blown winter, it’s time to slow down our presentation – Rudi Dreyer


BOATING- “Jackplates And Bass Boats”

It seems every bass fisherman with a jackplate on his boat is more interested in winning the race than catching bass. – Shandon Hawman


UNIVERSITY- “Wind − No Curse”

Wind, so often considered cursed by anglers, is in reality one of a bass anglers best friends – Dewald Viljoen


TACTICS- “Backwater Tactics”

Even though it is not quite winter, air and water temperatures have dropped substantially and we need gloves, a balaclava and a hot cup of coffee to get on the water at this time of the year. – Gordon Brown


INTERNATIONAL- “The Late Fall Spinnerbait Bite”

The later fall months are the best time of year to throw spinnerbaits according to some of the top professional anglers – Mark Bilbrey


BEGINSELS- “Ysbere en Swartbaars”

Jy maak ‘n groot fout om jou stokke weg te pak omrede dit nou winter is en jou naweke op die rusbank voor die televisie met ‘n beker stomende koffie deur te bring – Philip Kemp


BASICS- “Winter Lure Selection and Strategies”

Continuing from our previous article about bass fishing in winter, anglers have asked what specific lures to use in winter and how to fish them – N. van Heerden


CLASSROOM- “Drop shot applications”

Yes, it’s definitely getting colder, but we still want to go fishing as much as possible – Lourens Joubert


CLASSROOM- “High-Quality Bass Fishing In Winter”

I enjoy fishing for bass in cold water because at this time of the year, you don’t see a lot of boat traffic − no wake boats and jet skis. – Bennie Wiese


BASICS- “Bass Fever”

Bass Fever is not a deadly disease but lack of treatment will have most anglers pulling their hair out. – Hendrik


FINANSIES- “‘Scams’ wat jou geld vreet”

Ek het nou net die foon neergesit en is “iewat” verdwaas oor die oproep. – Gerrit du Toit


INTERNATIONAL- “The ‘Blades’ of Glory”

The spinnerbait, otherwise known as ‘blades’, is no doubt one of the most versatile baits – Bertrand Ngim


ADVERTORIAL- “Ziko Eyewear Retainers”

When all your attention is focused on your favourite sport under the sun, you don’t want to have to worry about your sunglasses falling off and disappearing into the water



Lowrance Elite-7 and Elite-5 Chirp Series Displays



Junior Nationals 2014



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