December 2014 - Issue 164


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Image: Monday, 27 October 2014 proved to be an excellent day for Jesse Schubach on Albert Dalls dam. He caught more than thirty bass and this lunker of 5,5kg



Thunzi Bush Lodge



“The Dangers of Bass Angling…”

I was fishing at Nagle Dam some years back on a putridly hot summer’s day. – Grant Hewitt


“Overcoming Summers Toughest Scenarios”

What attracts bass anglers so readily to their sport is that the seasons present a myriad of changing fishing scenarios for them to explore. – Roger Donaldson


“Wake Baits”

Not long ago there were techniques that made headlines all over and died away, or did they! – Bennie Wiese


“How Many Rods?”

I don’t know how many times anglers have asked me about how many rods and reels I have or how

many do I use. The real answer... way too many! – Richard Dunn


“How to Keep Your Wife Happy and Still Fish…”

“My wife said she would leave me if I went fishing again; hell I’m gonna miss her…” – Grant Hewitt


“Vygeboom Op ‘n Drafstap”

‘n Man word ook nie aldag 50 jaar oud nie, en toe dit my beurt was om die “halfeeu” te bereik, was ek omtrent oorval met gelukwense en ‘n geskenk of twee. – Philip Kemp


“Summer Patterns and Tips from the USA”

No matter what region you live in or fish, learning summer patterns for the waters that you are perusing bass on will make you a better anger. – Mark Bilbrey


“Fish Like an Idiot”

Fish can certainly do some strange things, so why not employ some fairly strange tactics of your own in order to catch them? – Nic Milligan


“Boat Setups for Beginners (Part 2)”

I hope that my guidelines to boat and outboard selection in part one have made some sense – Joe Mendes


“Why Catch and Release”

Catch-and-release fishing is often seen by the public, especially the hook-and-cook individuals, as a waste of time and effort. – Reed Eastman


“Latest News on Alien & Invasive Regulations”

This debate on alien and invasive species has been going on for many years and the latest feedback is that bass have no zones ascribed to them. – SACRAA


“Float Tube Basics”

Float tubing, or kick-boating as others call it, is becoming more popular among bass anglers year after year – Jean-Michel Gravenor


“New Swim Jigs”

Swimming a jig was until very recently something that most anglers only did once they finished working their perceived strike zone and then quickly reeled the jig back to set up the next cast. – Dewald Viljoen



 “Purglas Visstokke” - Purglas is alom bekend vir hulle top kwaliteit visstokke sedert 1957.



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