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“New Dawn”

Image: Ranger



Olifants River Lodge



THE GRANT HEWITT CHRONICLES “When lightning strikes twice...”

It was the weekend before the annual Albert Falls Tournament some years ago and the last practice

session before the big event was on the cards. It was the time of mind games and the balancing act between finding fish and catching them. – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “Late winter pre-spawn bass tips”

Fishing for late winter pre-spawn bass can be difficult for an angler expecting to catch a lot of fish. However, anglers expecting fewer but larger quality bass will be content until the days become longer and the warmer sunnier days begin to increase the water temperature, indicating the move towards spring. – Mark Bilbery


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Big baits for spawn”

Spring is on its way and the water is starting to warm up in certain parts of the country. Some of our favourite fishing spots are already warmer than other venues and this means that the bass will instinctively begin to think about reproducing. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Bass behaviour”

It is not difficult to understand why bass anglers get obsessed with bass. They are in my opinion one of the cleverest and most challenging adversaries you can face in the fishing world. – Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Hartebeespoort Dam early spring fishing”

Hartbeespoort is a notoriously difficult and unpredictable dam and even though we fish it at least once a week throughout the year and much more often in the summer, it still remains the most challenging piece of water in the country. It is with good reason that so many tournament anglers refer to it as Heartbreak! – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS BASICS – “Basic pre-spawn baits”

As the winter is drawing to an end we are staring to prepare for pre-spawn fishing. There are three baits that have work for me in the past. – Richard Dunn


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Crankbaits & rattles”

Crankbaits have become an important tool in most bass anglers’ arsenals. This is largely because they imitate one or many of the fodder fish which our bass feed on, and of course, their lifelike action also contributes to their success in many of our fishing waters. – Shandon Hawman


SA BASS TIPS– “Preparing the off season”

Winter is showing its teeth for the last few times and unless you are fortunate enough to be going on a Zimbabwe or Botswana road trip, there is still a little longer to wait before fishing really picks

up. Cold water fishing can be lot of fun but let’s be honest, it involves a lot more fishing than catching. – Lourens Joubert


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Transform your plastic baits...”

One of the most versatile baits you can use is the soft plastic stickbait, no matter what type of cover My favourite time to use these baits is in spring and autumn when the fish are feeding in the shallows. This bait works the best in clear water because the bass need to see it in order for it to work like a bomb. – Hendrik


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Tackling ten pounders! What you should know...”

I caught my first fish when I was about 4 years old and ever since there has been one question in my mind, ever growing, ever echoing in the back of my fishing conscious, “How will the biggest one I catch look? How will it feel in the fight and eventually... in my hands?” – Chris Greenland


SA BASS BOAT SAFETY“Safety tips and tricks for bass anglers”

When it comes to safety, we cannot take anything lightly. You are playing with your life and that of your fishing partner, not to mention that you might stand the chance to win a money tournament

and something small, like not having a backup plan, can cost you at the end of the day.


SA BASS STRATEGY“Sight fishing”

It is definitely not always possible to sight fish, as the conditions need to be favourable. I like to classify sight fishing into two categories, firstly sight fishing the structure and secondly sight fishing the fish (visual).– Lee de Beer



If you want to become a better angler, you will need to fish all types of water conditions and locations. There are no two ways about it. Although anglers travelling vast distances to fish for bass may get to pick and choose when and where to fish, the ONE thing they cannot do is pick the conditions. – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS FINANSIES– “Minderjarige kinder bemakings”

Ons leef ongelukkig in ‘n tyd waar daar meer kinders is wat binne tweede huwelike groot word as kinders in oorspronklike huwelike (EN waar alles “heel” is binne die verhouding). Hierdie is verseker nie ‘n huweliksberading artikel nie, maar...  – Gerrit du Toit



Over the last 6 to 8 months, the South African Consolidated Recreational Angling Association

(SACRAA) has been in the process of negotiating with members of the scientific community as well as government (DAFF) on the way forward. – John Pledger


SA BASS DESTINATION –“Phokoje Bush Lodge”

Just 90 minutes past the Martins Drift border post, Phokoje Bush Lodge remains ideally situated for

visitors to Botswana’s western city of Selebi Phikwe. “We wanted to create a lodge that was close to town for all the luxuries and amenities but isolated enough to maintain its bush feel,” says Phokoje owner, Savvas Lambrou.– Chris Greenland



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