April 2014 - Issue 156

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“Bryan Leppan”

Image:  Grant Hewitt


Rhodene Farm Cottages


THE GRANT HEWITT CHRONICLES “A school to remember”

I wasn’t there to experience it unfortunately, but I have been in a similar situation before. I have also written of such days, spoken of such days and like every other discerning up-and-coming angler, I have dreamt of such days. – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS STRATEGIES – “Autumn Feeding”

As we prepare for autumn, the second best time on our bassing calendar and the bass’s last opportunity to feed up before winter, I thought it would be helpful to look at what the bass are feeding on and how we can use this understanding to put more bass in the boat.– Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS CLASSROOM –“Autumn fishing”

Why should autumn be my favourite time of the year to go bassin’ you might ask? - Hendrik


SA BASS CLASSROOM –“Finesse Texas rigs”

As soon as fishing pressure increases, fishing becomes a demanding sport if not an impossible mission. However, just changing your strategy can produce fish. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES– “Does pre-fishing really matter?”

“We believe that pre fishing is the most important part of tournament fishing. As Gary player said, “the more I practise the luckier I get.” These are the words of KZN tournament titans team... - Grant Hewitt


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Line selection basics”

For many anglers, line selection is an afterthought. This can be a major mistake as line is most likely the element that has the biggest impact on lure presentation and its fish catching capability. – Lourens Joubert


SA BASS ROAD TRIP– “The Loskop rumble”

Once again, I was all set to hit the water with SA Bass publisher, Hannes Lindeque and editor, Bennie Wiese at Loskop Dam. It is day three of my South African bass trail, but due to my untimely poor form, which may be due to jetlag, I just could not make an impact. My biggest bass in South Africa so far has not quite surpassed 50cm! – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS KLASKAMER“Raasase en eierklitsers”

Ek is seker ek het elke leser se aandag met die eienaardige opskrif. Jy wonder seker nou wat op dees aarde ‘n “raasaas” of “eierklitser” dan nou eintlik is. – Phillip Kemp


SA BASS FINANSIES – “Drie stappe om jou kind geldwys te maak”

As ouer wil jy jou kindal die geleenthede in die lewe gee, en dit begin waarskynlik met die beste

opvoeding wat jy jou kind kan gee. – Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS ACADEMY“Soft jerkbaits”

It is a testament to the success and importance of the soft jerkbait that there is hardly a soft plastic lure manufacturer on earth that does not make a soft jerkbait of some sort. – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “Bass fishing through the summer to fall transition”

Signs of the season changing from late summer to early fall are everywhere. This is the transition period when monitoring water temperature is an important part of your fishing. – Mark Bilbrey


SA BASS ADVERTORIAL– “The game is rigged”

Many anglers start out very enthusiastic and all psyched up for a big day of fishing, only to find themselves coming in at the end of the day with just one or two bass. – N. van Heerden



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