September 2013 - Issue 149


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Image: Ranger Boats



Ntibane Bushveld Hideaway



The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “The power of one rod”

A recent interclub event at Inanda dam had me excited about focusing on some serious bass catching, heightened with a slight, yet definite competitive appeal. –Grant Hewitt


SA BASS TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES – “Approaching your target area”

We all have our favourite spots or areas and seem to know what it takes to make ‘em bite. We are generally pretty confident at pulling a fish or two from our target area but ... – Grant Hewitt



During the different seasons, we chop and change, using all sorts of different baits, trying to catch the elusive green fish. - Muhammed Patel


SA BASS TACTICS – Finding big pre-spawn females”

The time has finally arrived again when bass anglers with the knowledge of bass behaviour leading up to the spawn, can truly capitalise on big fish. - Muhammed Patel


SA BASS TACTICS – Migration routes expanded”

Hear the word “migration” and most people think of one thing – spawning season − which is happening now!– Gordon Brown


SA BAARS FINANSIES – Hoekom moet ek my polis staak?”

Seker 99% van alle mense neem die een of ander tyd in hulle lewe ‘n “polis” uit.  Almal neem dit uit met die gedagte dat hy/sy dit... – Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS ACADEMY “Shaky-head, for moody pre-spawn bass”

By the time you read this article, some anglers will have already caught some prespawn bass. Normally this time of the year, anglers are thinking about the spawn.– Bennie Wiese


SA BASS KLASKAMER – “Ruk-en-pluk kunsvissies in die laat winter”

Geduld. Dit is seer sekerlik een van die belangrikste eienskappe van ʼn winterbaarshengelaar. Ruk-en-pluk kunsvissies of “jerkbaits” soos die meeste van ons die ase ken, is sekerlik ...– Philip Kemp


SA BASS ACADEMY – River spawning” 

Being the end of winter, you are most likely suffering from a serious need for a proper days fishing. Winter fishing can be rewarding but ... - Lourens Joubert


SA BASS BOATING – “Buying a small boat – Part 1”

In this series, we will be talking about small boats − how to choose the right small boat for you, how to build your own live well, how to modify your boat and how to be competitive from your small boat.-  Hugo van der Walt




Crankbaits for pre-spawn >> China’s bass fishing new frontier >> Maguga challenge


SA BASS D.I.Y. – “Conan’s floater”

I’m a keen bass angler and have had my float tube, for over three years now. I regularly browse the Internet for new ideas on improving my tube. – Juane Gibson



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The Southern Division Junior Registration Day