November 2013 - Issue 151


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Mofam River Lodge



SA BASS TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES – “Basic boat positioning”

We tend to barge up on a spot and just start casting madly until we get a bite, and if we don’t....  - Grant Hewitt


SA BASS BOATING – “Buying a small boat – Part 3”

In this series, we will be talking about small boats − how to choose the right small boat for you, how to build your own live well, how to modify your boat and how to be competitive from your small boat.-  Hugo van der Walt


SA BASS ELECTRONICS – “How do you use your fish finder?”

Depending on your budget, you will have to make a careful decision when purchasing the correct equipment. - Muhammed Patel


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Bassin’ in early summer”

It’s hotting up! Balaclavas and gloves are going into storage! Early summer is here and the bass are hungry! – John Bulpitt


SA BAARS FINANSIES – Die verskil tussen sedeer en begunstig”

Die versekeringsbedryf verleen hom daartoe dat mense hulle soms graag uitspreek oor dinge wat hulle soms nie heeltemal verstaan nie of waarvan hulle elders “gehoor” het. - Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Fishing in the rain”

One of the best investments you can make as a bass angler is to get yourself a high quality waterproof rain suit. – Bennie Wiese


THE GRANT HEWITT CHRONICLES - “It pays to experiment”

If we only used baits and techniques available to every angler through the obvious channels of supply, then surely we would only be as successful as every other angler? But, ...  - Grant Hewitt


SA BASS INTERVIEW“Japie Botha - 2013 Wrangler Angler”

After three days of hard angling and battling from the back, one of the most respected anglers in the country, Japie Botha “The Gentlemen”, was crown The Wrangler Angler for SABAA 2013 and will compete in the.... – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS ACADEMY –“Little lessons for the land of giants”

And so it came about that I too made the great trek to a dirty little dam deep in the Botswana bush – Letsibogo, Jurassic Lake or The Land of Giants. My trip started out with dreams of new PB's and broken rods but it ended with an eye opener as to what can be done in bass fishing when one is really determined to go fishing! – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS D.I.Y.“Livewells”

A well-insulated cooler box is essential. This prevents the temperature from rising too high too quickly, especially on those hot summer days! -John Bulpitt


SA BASS KLASKAMER – “Oor paddas en prinse”

Die meeste van ons het al met paddas gehengel en ek is seker dat ʼn menigte van ons baarshengelaars hulle weer net so vinnig weggepak het as die baars nie in die ase belang gestel het nie. Laat-lente/vroegsomer is egter ʼn goeie tyd om die paddas uit te haal.Philip Kemp


SA BASS TACTICS“Techniques for post-spawn”

We are now over the “spawn season” with its hype, great fishing and your personal best being broken. I must say that I have had a great start to the season. – Gordon Brown



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