June 2013 – Issue 146


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Image: Ranger boats



Botterkloof Holiday Resort, Stilbaai



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The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “The full circle of bass angling”

It is no secret that the much sought after bassing tournament scene has lost valuable momentum. Monthly trails have reduced in support and prestige and major annual tournaments are attracting less and less anglers –Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Academy – “Hot tips on fishing a cold front”

Fishing cold fronts this time of the year is a challenge for all of us. But by focusing on the right areas and techniques you can still have some success and it sure beats lying on the coach all weekend.- Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS UNIVERSITY – “Einstein on fishing”

Fly fisherman have it figured out. They understand how to keep things simple. - Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS Academy – How bass see colour”

There are biological reasons for red hooks being effective and it is a thing called "Gill Flash" as fish are feeding, the gills of a fish become engorged with blood and the flashes of red starts a frenzy. Almost all hook companies make red hooks for this reason. - Mark Bilbrey


SA BASS Boating– “The Pontoon Boat - continued”

What will you need to know in order for you to make your mind up on what type, size, make or model to buy? - Paul Pereira


SA BASS Tales– “Fishing with a legend"

Not many people know a real life fishing legend but I was lucky enough the other day to spend a day on the water with one. - Ryan King


SA BAARS Tegnieke– “Kunsaas en die grootbek swartbaar”

Hierdie reeks van twee artikels handel oor die Suid-Afrikaanse kunsaashengelaar. Deel een het gehandel oor die puntestelsel en nou kyk ons na kunsaas vir swartbaars.- Emile van Druten


SA BASS ELECTRONICS – “Locating bass”

You get to the dam and don’t know what to do or where to start! So many good looking pieces of structure, the water looks perfect! But where are the fish? A few questions one can follow as a guideline to locating bass.- Muhammed Patel


SA BASS TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES – “What to pack in your boat apart from fishing tackle?”

Is the above statement or question a valid subject? Is this phrase on your mind when you prepare for a tournament? Well, it should be! – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Klaskamer“Kom ons krap in die baars se slaai!”

Met die skryf van hierdie artikel is ʼn groot deel van ons land in die midde van ʼn groot droogte soos ons lanklaas gesien het. Die meeste van ons damme het ook so baie gesak dat die vlak watergras orals bo die wateroppervlak uitsteek. - Philip Kemp


SA BASS Health– “Avoid Cataracts”

Do you love how cool your sunglasses make you look like? If you really want to be comfortable in bright sunshine, and you want to protect your eyes - and your children's - against future cataracts, there is more to consider than looks when you select sunglasses.- Wilma Lindeque


Bassin’ in Namibia



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2013 Junior Nationals at Clanwilliam Dam