July 2013 – Issue 147


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“Magical moment”

Image: Christy van Niekerk



Fish Eagles Lair, Albert Falls Dam, KZN



Berkley – Catch more fish


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E-mail Destination Competition – Oppiekoppie Bass Farm, North West



The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “Could have, should have, would have...”

I trolled the boat towards where the high point of the hump was and stopped about 20 metres short to allow enough distance for a solid cast. I had been attracting bigger bites on a slow-rolled spinnerbait so that was exactly what I was going to target the hump with. –Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Techniques – “Winter wacky worming”

Winter can be one of the most difficult periods to fish for bass. Cold weather and some anglers don’t fit together because anglers must change their way of fishing to get onto the boat. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS International, USA – “Winter Float-and-Fly”

Conditions during a cold weather front can be among the best time to be on the water. Rain, wind, fog and cold are all part of winter fishing, however Float-and-Fly anglers are doing just that, fishing. This technique can be fished anywhere in the world, when used in water temperatures that are below 10ºC the technique is supreme to other cold water tactics. The success of this tactic is that no other bait resembles a dying bait fish suspended in cold water as realistic.- MarkBilbrey


SA BASS Tournament Strategies “Launching your boat efficiently”

When you arrive at the slipway, you can sometimes just be amazed by the skill – or lack of it – amongst the many competitors eager to launch their boats. – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Boating– “How to... anchor your bass boat”

Most anglers do not anchor ever? So what’s the deal about anchoring? – John Bulpitt


SA BASS Academy – “So you want to be a pro staffer?”

At least once a week someone will tell me “You have the greatest job in the world!” And while I won't deny the fact that working in a field you really love is great, the fact is that working in the fishing industry in South Africa is by far the hardest and scariest job I ever had. - Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS Boating– “Essentials for competitive kick boat angling”

Fishing from a kick boat is one of the most cost friendly and fun ways to begin bass fishing from a watercraft. Starting at just under a thousand rand, those just out of reach fishing spots will always be accessible – Martin Schoonhoven


SA BAARS Tegnieke– “Hoe groot is groot?”

“Wat wil jy met daai goed maak? Jy weet mos baars sal nie eers twee keer na daardie aas kyk nie, Seun!” – Philip Kemp


SA BAARS Finansies – “Ek word “retrench”... wat  nou?”

Skeidingspakkette of die meer bekende Engelse term “retrenchment” is by baie van ons ‘n al hoe groter realiteit. By Anglo Platinum se mynbedrywighede is die syfer van 14,000 werkverliese steeds op die tafel en sal seker teen druktyd alreeds finaliteit bereik het. – Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS International, Europe – “Bass fishing in urban Toulouse, France”

Sometimes, we take for granted the fact that most bass anglers own boats. The truth is, many do not and myself included, but there are plenty of us out there who enjoy fishing from the bank. For bass anglers in the urban areas of South-western Europe where boat ownership and operating costs surpasses that in the States, bank fishing has become such a popular alternative. – Bertrand Ngim



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