August 2013 - Issue 148


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“Got you”

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The Willows Conference & Evens Centre



The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “Keep it old school”

It was just another day at Albert Falls, just another glorious day on the water. The gentle lapping of water on the boat and the refreshing breeze removed any doubt as to the success of the day ahead. –Grant Hewitt


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Top ten lures for small mouth bass”

For everyone, the choice the brand and bass lure will be different when fishing for smallmouth bass.  However, as there are only a few ... – John Bulpitt


SA BASS ACADEMY – “Winter bassing and receding water levels”

In the colder winter months, when water levels fluctuate and start to drop drastically, fishing conditions are far from favourable and the bass seem to disappear altogether. – Shahid Ebrahim


SA BASS ELECTRONICS – “Locating bass”

Fluctuating weather patterns and water temperatures can become a real pain when trying to locate fish. Timing is vital too. - Muhammed Patel


SA BASS TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES – “Surviving the starting chaos...”

The easiest way to stay out of the starting chaos on tournament morning is not to fish the tournament! But let’s face it, the reason you ... – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS LEERSKOOL – “Baars en hulle habitat”

Waar soek ‘n hengelaar nou eintlik na baars in ‘n dam of rivier wat nie aan die hengelaar bekend is nie? Die meeste van ons kom gereeld in aanraking met waters wat vir ons heeltemal onbekend is.– Philip Kemp


SA BASS UNIVERSITY – “Tips on tournament fishing”

You are on your way home from the local club in-house tournament or divisional where you did not do well and you think back to what went wrong. – Bennie Wiese



In the last couple of issues, we have read about float tubes and pontoons, so the next step one would think would be boats. Not true - there is space for kayaks. - Rui Calsada


SA BASS ACADEMY – “How bass use cover”

We all target cover to find bass. We spend many hours trying to find that magic cover that will keep on producing and it does exist. But one thing has puzzled me ... – Rudi Dreyer



How can I get my limit as quickly as possible? What do I use to pack in the lunkers? What do I use when I am really struggling? – Deoran Wessels


SA BASS ACADEMY – “Winter bass fishing”

I came off a dismal session on the Vaal River with freezing weather and ‘lock jawed’ fish being the order of the trip. – Nicolas Milligan


SA BAARS FINANSIES – “Aftrede – wat is my opsies”

Daar is verseker min dinge in die lewe waarna mense met soveel passie uitsien, as na hulle aftrede. Hierdie “droom” raak egter ‘n nagmerrie in baie mense se gevalle as ... – Gerrit du Toit



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