April 2013 - Issue 144

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“Loutjie Louwies”

Image: Hannes Lindeque



Blue Pig Farm Lodge



Find the Hidden ZOOM Lures and Win


ADVERTORIAL“MTS spinnerbaits”

As a rule they are the same, at least that was my insight on spinnerbaits before I was asked to have a

look at the M.T.S spinnerbait. – Sensational Angling Supplies



The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “What are the odds?”

The answer is simple... on the water is where memories are made, memories I share and will continue to share forever. Grant Hewitt


SA BASS ELECTRONICS D.I.Y. – “Side imaging tips and tic-tacs”

Many say it’s a waste of time putting the side imaging on your sneaker, but I say how else are you going to check what’s in front of your boat without driving over the spot? - Allen Baker


SA BASS TACTICS – “What is the jig deal?”

How many anglers look at the jig and the exposed hook design sends snag chills up their spine? – Chris Greenland


SA BAARS TEGNIEKE“Kunsaas en die grootbek swartbaar”

Hierdie reeks van twee artikels handel oor die Suid-Afrikaanse kunsaashengelaar. Deel een handel oor die puntestelsel en deel twee oor kunsaashengel vir swartbaars. – Emile van Druten



If you are thinking of bassin’ this autumn, you’ll think about changing your tactics. – Factor X


SA BASS TACTICS – “Finessing made my season”

“I was overwhelmed with confusion. Yes, not joy, or excitement or honour, but confusion...” – Japie Botha


SA BASS CLASSROOM“Hula popper magic”

In my mind, once you have experienced the heart-stopping adrenalin rush of surface lure action, nothing quite gets to it. – Vincent de Boer



The subject of etiquette is no new debate and will always rise to the surface in any circle of banter or chatter, but have you ever incorporated etiquette into your own tournament strategy? - Grant Hewitt


SA BASS LURE DESIGN 101“A lure is a lure, swimbaits” - Part 6

To call the swimbait a newcomer is not quite correct. Swimbaits first caught the public’s attention in the clear water reservoirs of Southern California in the late 90’s. - Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS ELECTRONICS – “Customizing your waypoints, routes and tracks”

Many competitive and recreational anglers have a ton of waypoints on their fish finders and after some time have no clue what certain waypoints represent. - Muhammed Patel


SA BAARS TAKTIEK“Die doen-niks wurm”

Nou wat op die aarde is ʼn “do- nothing worm” of sommer in goeie Afrikaans ʼn “doen-niks

wurm”? En wat het die Carolina strop en die plastiese wurm dan in gemeen? – Philip Kemp


SA BASS FINANSIES“Is jy seker jy het ongeskiktheidsdekking?”

Die enkele onderwerp wat seker tot die meeste kontroversie in die versekeringsbedryf lei is ongeskiktheidseise. – Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS BOATING“Pimping your tube”

Now that you have your kick boat and you went out a few times fishing, you start realizing that you just don’t have enough space on your kick boat for all your rods and tackle. – Hugo vd Walt



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