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May 2020

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4. Autumn tips
Bass appear to prepare for the winter months by gorging themselves, but it all depends on vegetation being present. If there are reeds, lily pads, grass and shrubbery and so on, food organisms will be there and so will the bass.

The most aggressive bite - Wayne Kriek
When you are first introduced to a topwater lure like a frog, buzzbait, spook or popper, that first blow-up and the lure disappearing changes the way you want to fish forever!

12. Wading for bass - Gordon Brown
Wading for bass in winter sounds ridicules crazy, but the best part of wading is that there is always bass in the shallows, which can be caught all through the day.

14. What do bass eat? - Jaco Smit
If we have a good understanding of what bass eat, we can more accurately “match the hatch” and pin point the best location to fish a particular pattern.

16. Op my houtbordjie - Tokyo strop - Philip Kemp
Die Tokyo-strop het omtrent die baarshengelwêreld op horings en al wat ‘n hengelaar is, is opsoek na hierdie stroppe. Waarom maak jy nie jou eie nie?

18. Secrets: Approach techniques around timber
There’s no one single way to approach an area. The most effective techniques around timber really needs to be decided on the day. Here are some guidelines to make the best of it.

20. What’s your angle? How everything lines up - Jay Röhm-Williams
Ever caught yourself doing something the same way for ages and then one day made a subtle change which resulted in a far better outcome? Well alternating angles while bass angling is a testament to that exact theory.

24. Fishing grass beds
The keys to successful grass fishing with a spinnerbait are fairly simple and easy to apply. Here’s how.

26. Eierklitsers of raasase - Philip Kemp
Jare gelede, toe eierklitsers vir die eerste keer in Amerika in toernooie gebruik is, het ‘n menigte baarshengelaars die aas as ‘n onregverdige voordeel in die sport beskou. Baars het nog nooit so ‘n eienaardige aas gesien nie.

28. What to do next
Every one of us had at least one of those days. The bass just won't bite, no matter what you try. This is the time to turn to finesse worms.

30. Snap swivel
Meeste hengelaars is te lui om gereeld hulle lyn na te gaan en te herknoop. Dit is veel gemakliker om ‘n knip-spil aan te sit en vir die res van die dag, selfs seisoen, nie weer daaraan aandag te gee nie.

32. Fishing cliffs
Because cliffs rise steeply out of deep water and are mostly devoid of any vegetation, cliffs are not associated with typical bass structure, but take another look and try and understand the attraction bass have for cliff walls.

34. Snag you’re it. Concepts for keeping lures free - Jay Röhm-Williams
Some anglers claim it’s just part of the game while others are convinced it is the luck of the cast but however which way you look at it, nobody enjoys it.

36. Presentation
Pitching and flipping aren't tactics reserved just for springtime anglers. Ask well known US pro-angler, Denny Brauer.

38. Fish fantastic - Ivan Sonnekus
The art of fishing is to learn how to survive bad days and be strong for you never know when your next great day out will be.

44. A tribute to Bruce Eadie
“His constructive criticism came with solutions. He did not just criticize he also added value by giving solutions. He will be missed.”

22. Industry news: Garmin quatix 6
31. Gear Up
42. International Angling News - Anthony Hawkswell

04. My Gooi
06. Readers-go-Bassing
17. Basics for beginners

48. Waar hengel wie – Noord-Natal en O.V.S.

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