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June 2020

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Lure size
There is an old saying that a small hook can catch both small and big fish, but that a big hook does not easily catch a small fish.

Flipping weight vs. bullet weight
At a glance, one might suggest that there's no real difference between the two, in terms of application at least. But, do you know when to use which?

Fishing in currents
As a general rule of thumb, if you are casting upstream you're doing the right thing, but when you target on a specific location, the flow could be going in any direction.

How to handle your bass
So often we see photos of people, unknowingly, handle bass in a way that can be very unhealthy for the fish or could even injure the bass

Seven froggin’ myths
Many anglers hesitate to fish their frogs and believe they are only really suited to specific situations. Here are seven myths I busted over the years which will get you into fishing your frogs more often.

Winter rocks
Bass love rock, any form and any shape of this solid, chemical element is generally quite appealing to them. There are many various areas where rocks make perfect, target locations.

Changing conditions
The natural world is so complex and inter connected that the changing fortunes of fish species and the food they depend on impact heavily on each other. Fish are at the mercy of the weather, the specific body of water they live in and natural factors that influence them.

Oor grendeltyd en glipsies
Met al die stories wat ek gedurende die “grendeltyd” op ons mediaplatforms gelees het, word daar altyd net raad gegee, nuwe tegnieke verduidelik, en word die kuns van baarshengel so mooi oorgedra dat elkeen net daar en dan sy stokke wil gryp en afsit hengelwaters toe om te gaan kyk of dit werk of nie.

Winter bass
One of the first things to realize is the fact that just because the water gets colder in winter does not mean the bass stops biting.

Ons het albei presies dieselfde kunsaas aangehad en op dieselfde plekke gegooi, maar ek kon net nie ‘n vis gevang kry nie. Iets het ontbreek – tegniek.

Catching anglers
If you take a look in your favourite tackle store you will find that the number of lures available is steadily increasing every year. What’s the story?

An angler’s appreciation
To be alive and able to experience the fulfilment of one’s passion is truly something wondrous of worth. This could not be more relevant than at a time like this during the current global unfolding of today’s age.

International Angling News

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