12 Tips for Better Tackle Care

One of the biggest problems facing bass anglers is equipment let downs and failures. We tend to get so caught up in the day-to-day...

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5 Surefire Dirty Water Strategies

Some times we are faced with conditions that we do not like, conditions we cannot call, but

what will make the difference on how...

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Adapt your Seasonal Patterns

As you probably know seasonal patterns are the basic combinations of water depths, locations and feeding...

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Bassing in Winter

We cannot of course write anything about this winter (yet), but by the looks of things it’ll be much the same as the winter of last year...

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Beat the Heat

Often we think that Summer Bass are as difficult to catch as winter fish and at times this can be the case but not because Bass don’t...

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Blue Kurper

The Mozambique Tilapia, commonly referred to as the Blue Kurper or just the “Blue”, is one of South Africa's most common inland...

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Bluegill Sunfish

The Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) is a freshwater fish specie sometimes referred to by Americans as “bream”. It is a member of...

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Canary Kurper

The Canary Kurper, commonly referred to as the “Kerriebek” among artlure anglers, is a species that bass will eat not only because of...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.1

First of all I would like to make it very clear that you do not have to have a R500 000 boat with R100 000 worth of electronics to...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.2

There will come a time when you are going to want more detail and accuracy from your maps. Unlike the Great Lakes of the United States...

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September 2016 – Issue 185

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ON SALE from 14 August 2016
Available at tackle shops, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, C.N.A., Exclusive Books and Builders Warehouse

South Africa Becomes Latest Country to Sanction FLW Tournaments - see page 21

SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue we focus on catching winter bass.

“The Float-and-Fly”
A Technique for All Seasons” - The Float and Fly is often associated with winter angling when bass typically suspend in the water column during cold water periods. – Derrek Stewart

“A Jolly time for Jerkbaits”
I was already sold by the mere design of the new jerkbait when I walked into my friend, Julian Smith’s office in Randburg and was presented with the latest ‘slash bait’ which had graced their notorious range offered by the legendary designer and distributor. – Roger Donaldson

“Intersecting Pre-spawners”
Emerging from their deep winter time haunts, pre-spawn bass can result in a lot of kicker size fish – Neels Beneke


To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS... now on sale.

“Bill Siemantel, designer of the SPRO Phat Fly”
Image: Derrek Stewart

Win an inflatable lifejackets from Lalizas in this month’s readers competition

“The Float-and-Fly. A Technique for All Seasons” – Derrek Stewart
“A Jolly time for Jerkbaits” – Roger Donaldson
“Intersecting Prespawners” – Neels Beneke
“Game of Grams” – Bennie Wiese
“Modern Day Bassin’ Dynamics” – Eugene Potgieter
“The Art of “Junk Fishing” – Shandon Hawman
“Kan broeityd koue voete kry?”– Japie Botha
“Fishing Frontal Conditions” – Bennie Wiese
“Pre-spawn Finesse Fishing” – John Badenhorst
“Oewerhengel vir Swartbaars” – Bennie Wiese
“All for One” – Hendrik
“Boy Scout Bassing” – Kevin Lofstedt
“Bassin’ Kids Adventure Camp”
“Rod Bender – From Agent to Postman”

>> SA BASS Cast-for-Cash tournament report
>> “Presidents Test BIRI” – Clint Skinner
>> “2016 Region 5 Bass Tournament” – Gareth Rawlins

>> GARMIN Striker™ 4dv

>> CAST 2016 “Best of Show” Awards
>> South Africa Becomes Latest Country to Sanction FLW Tournaments
>> Mercury Marine Active Trim
>> Rutherford Marine

>> “Little Grebe” by Joe Dreyer

>> Thatcher’s Rest

To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...