12 Tips for Better Tackle Care

One of the biggest problems facing bass anglers is equipment let downs and failures. We tend to get so caught up in the day-to-day...

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5 Surefire Dirty Water Strategies

Some times we are faced with conditions that we do not like, conditions we cannot call, but

what will make the difference on how...

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Adapt your Seasonal Patterns

As you probably know seasonal patterns are the basic combinations of water depths, locations and feeding...

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Bassing in Winter

We cannot of course write anything about this winter (yet), but by the looks of things it’ll be much the same as the winter of last year...

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Beat the Heat

Often we think that Summer Bass are as difficult to catch as winter fish and at times this can be the case but not because Bass don’t...

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Blue Kurper

The Mozambique Tilapia, commonly referred to as the Blue Kurper or just the “Blue”, is one of South Africa's most common inland...

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Bluegill Sunfish

The Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) is a freshwater fish specie sometimes referred to by Americans as “bream”. It is a member of...

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Canary Kurper

The Canary Kurper, commonly referred to as the “Kerriebek” among artlure anglers, is a species that bass will eat not only because of...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.1

First of all I would like to make it very clear that you do not have to have a R500 000 boat with R100 000 worth of electronics to...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.2

There will come a time when you are going to want more detail and accuracy from your maps. Unlike the Great Lakes of the United States...

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July 2014 - Issue 159


ON SALE from 23 July 2014

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Image: Ranger



Old Willow Houseboat Charters




What are your “go-to” baits? What are the baits that you would pick over any other to get you to the top or out of a bind? Any sports coach can relate to a “dream team”, but as a bass angler, what are the baits that make up your dream selection?  – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS STRATEGIES –“Finding something new to give you the edge”

All us avid bass fisherman, whether we are tournament or social anglers, are interested in finding the next best bait or technique that will give us the edge over our competitors or friends. – Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS UNIVERSITY– “Pre-fishing philosophies”


SA BASS FINANSIES– “Premie patrone op jou polis”

Ek het die afgelope twee weke baie te doen gekry met mense wat navrae doen oor “Hoekom styg my polis se premie so absurd baie?” – Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Why I’m losing fish?”

You know we all have copious amounts of info about fishing. Nevertheless, we always try to get even more info about current fishing trends and conditions. – Hendrik


SA BASS TACTICS “Catching bass on oversized lures”

When I think of oversized lures, the first thing that comes to mind is supersized soft plastics. It is a fact that more bass are caught on soft plastic baits that any other lure and that includes trophy size bass. – Gordon Brown


SA BASS TACTICS“Bass & jigs on the Vaal River”

During the years of fishing the Vaal River, I can recall some of my better fish falling to a lure not often used or fancied by bass anglers. Maybe it’s because this lure should imitate ... – Shandon Hawman


SA BASS BOATING “Boat maintenance”

Customized bass boats are inherent to bass angling, both competitive and recreational. Competitive bass angling takes a lot of preparation and pre-fishing and boat maintenance can be a very costly exercise, not forgetting a decent tow vehicle to go with that.– Mohammed Patel


SA BASS ADVERTORIAL – “Myths about winter bass fishning”

We all find bass fishing easier during the summer months when the weather is comfortable and the fish are active. However, in winter we are a bit more sceptical about venturing out into the chill. – N. van Heerden


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “Spring cold front”

Conditions were tough on anglers during the final days of my stay at Gui Shui Shan Zhuang (GSSZ) bass fishery in Jiangxi Province, South-eastern China. A serious cold front had blown through the region and it had put the brakes on the post-spawn bites. – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “Bass fishing the winter transition”

Cold water anglers must keep in mind that in this season there is a diminishing food chain for the bass. Forage can be drastically reduced by the elements during the transition from fall to winter.– Mark Bilbrey



Winter is fast approaching and Namibian bass seem to have fattened themselves up in preparation for the colder waters. Unfortunately for bass anglers, there has been a serious surplus of bass food in our waters ... – Richard Grant


SA BASS VENUE –“The “Dragon” dam”

Nestled in the lower Umgeni River in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, a stone’s throw away from the KZN town of Hillcrest and only 30km from Durban, is Inanda Dam.– Garth Liefeldt



Senior National Championships 2014






Buco Junior Bass Classic 2014



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