12 Tips for Better Tackle Care

One of the biggest problems facing bass anglers is equipment let downs and failures. We tend to get so caught up in the day-to-day...

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5 Surefire Dirty Water Strategies

Some times we are faced with conditions that we do not like, conditions we cannot call, but

what will make the difference on how...

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Adapt your Seasonal Patterns

As you probably know seasonal patterns are the basic combinations of water depths, locations and feeding...

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Bassing in Winter

We cannot of course write anything about this winter (yet), but by the looks of things it’ll be much the same as the winter of last year...

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Beat the Heat

Often we think that Summer Bass are as difficult to catch as winter fish and at times this can be the case but not because Bass don’t...

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Blue Kurper

The Mozambique Tilapia, commonly referred to as the Blue Kurper or just the “Blue”, is one of South Africa's most common inland...

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Bluegill Sunfish

The Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) is a freshwater fish specie sometimes referred to by Americans as “bream”. It is a member of...

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Canary Kurper

The Canary Kurper, commonly referred to as the “Kerriebek” among artlure anglers, is a species that bass will eat not only because of...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.1

First of all I would like to make it very clear that you do not have to have a R500 000 boat with R100 000 worth of electronics to...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.2

There will come a time when you are going to want more detail and accuracy from your maps. Unlike the Great Lakes of the United States...

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December 2013 - Issue 152


ON SALE from 18 November 2013

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Loskop Swimbait Gamble”

Image: Hannes Lindeque



Mofam River Lodge



GRANT HEWITT CHRONICLES– “Big bait, big fish”

I was standing waist deep in the dingy, weeded waters of a super-productive farm dam a few years back on a cloudy and chilly afternoon. – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Road Trip“Loskop Swimbait Gamble”

However, speaking of quality of some of the venues, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ is a place where personal best records are made to be broken. I say this with confidence, because this is by far one of my best trips... – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS Basics– “Fishing tips for beginners”

If you are just starting out, or have been fishing a different facet of angling and want to start catching bass, that’s great! I purposely used the words “catching bass” because I hear too often the phrase, “I never catch any bass when I go fishing.” That is about to change. - Gordon Brown



I have won tournaments by only a few grams and when this happens, the feeling is “a win is a win!” However, when you lose a tournament...  - Grant Hewitt


SA BASS Academy“Fishing Laydowns”

Of all the freshwater fish caught in the country, bass fishing must be one of the most exciting fish species to fish for. Thousands of rand is spent every year on outboards, boats, rods, reels, lures, electronics and magazines to chase these fish. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS KLASKAMER – “Al wat ek wil hê vir Kersfees is...”

Vir my is dit eerder ‘n uitgestrekte stuk water met dekking en struktuur en die moontlikheid om ‘n groot swartbaar aan die lyn te kry, en dan natuurlik ook... – Philip Kemp


SA BASS CLASSROOM“The heat is on!”

The long days of summer are finally here! You have been dreaming about these hot days all winter, but to be a successful bass angler at the height of summer is not as easy as you had hoped. The day starts out well and then suddenly the fishing becomes really tough and all the bass disappear! Sound familiar? – Dewald Viljoen


SA BAARS PRODUKTENUUS“Superlyn en Baarshengel, ja of nee?”

Die vraag is: Sal dit voordelig wees om met ‘n superlyn (braid) te hengel vir swartbaars of nie? Ons almal weet dit word met sukses gebruik in drop-shot en verskeie ander tegnieke, maar gaan dit inpas by baarshengel? – Nico Carelse


SA BASS TOURNAMENT NEWS“Champion-of-Champions 2013”

I was away on business in the USA so Nic and I only had the weekend before the final to pre-fish and try to figure out a game plan. Wind, heavy rain and jetlag made the pre-fish very challenging. –Team Trima 1


SA BASS SMALL CRAFT“The bass challenge with a small boat”

The series on small boats has given an overview of the options open to anglers who wish to fish off kick-boats, canoes and small boats. In this article, I will give better insight into how to get started with a small boat so you can join competitive bass fishing tournaments. - Hugo vd Walt


SA BAARS FINANSIES – “Spaar vir jou kind”

Ons kinders is meesal na aan ons harte en elke ouer wil vir sy/haar kind net graag die beste in die lewe

gee. Nie noodwendig die beste klere of speelgoed nie, maar ... – Gerrit du Toit


SA BAARS Raar maar Waar“Toe die boom val”

Dit was Vrydag, 13 Februarie 2009; een kilometer vanaf Sam Gross jetty op die Vaalriver. Dit was net na ‘n hewige reënbui... ek het ‘n swaar reënjas aangehad. – Paul Smit



The grind continues >> Bassin’ in Namibia



Lowrance >> Hooked on Bass >> Yamaha >> Rutherford Marine



My Cast >> Subscribe & Win >> Gear Up >> Cast-for-Cash Champion-of-Champios Report Tournament >> Boating & Birding >> Readers-Go-Bassing



Vaal River rewards hard work


SA BASS D.I.Y. “Battery care tips”

Many people have experienced the crushing disappointment and frustration of putting the key into the ignition of their motor car, turning it and hearing nothing but the ominous silence...



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